'UFO' spotted over Lorain County that puzzled residents was pyrotechnics show near Oberlin

OBERLIN, Ohio - Residents in Lorain County and Rocky River — and even interstate drivers — were puzzled by a strange light in the sky Saturday night.

NewsChannel5 had four separate reports of a UFO — including one from a police officer and one from our own reporter Paul Kiska of a strange object flying in circles in the sky.

One woman told us she was driving near Amherst and pulled over at a rest stop after the light gave her goosebumps. Other drivers were talking about the same light.

Watch the video below (BEWARE: contains a few four-letter words).

Click here if you can't see the video.

Finally, we got to the bottom of it.

Paul Kiska learned form the Lorain County Sheriff''s Office that the light was part of a pyrotechnics show near Oberlin, Ohio — possibly Discover Aviation at the Lorain County Airport.

Chief Deputy Dennis Cavanaugh said six acrobatic pilots were going up two planes at a time and lighting off pyrotechnics from the sky.

For people 30 miles away and not at the air show, the pyrotechnics appeared as strange brightly glowing lights streaming through the night sky before fading out.

Also, Saturday night the crew aboard the Lorain County Sheriff's Patrol Boat between Vermilion and Lorain could see city lights from Leamington, Ontario across Lake Erie.

The official said extremely clear skies and perfect atmospheric conditions allowed for unusual views Saturday evening.

This video gives a little clearer picture of the object — with some pretty great commentary.

Can't see it? Click here.

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