Terrier abandoned in crate outside Lorain animal clinic

Mom dog also dumped this week, puppies not found

LORAIN, Ohio - Just days after a mother pit bull was tied to a pole outside a Lorain animal clinic, another dog was dumped.

On Thursday, staff at Ohio Pet Placement on North Ridge Road found a Jack Russell terrier in a tiny crate outside the shelter, director Crystal Luli said. The small dog had a note that said "My name is Rex" on its collar and was terribly infested with fleas.

Luli said the vehicle used to drop off the dog was a white SUV and the incident was caught on one of the center's surveillance cameras. She also said that it's against the law to abandoned animals in the state of Ohio.

"There are animal control officers. It is their responsibility to try to pursue and press charges in these cases and that's just not happing," Luli said.

Earlier this week, someone abandoned a pit bull that had recently given birth. The mother dog was full of milk, but her puppies were no where to be found.

"They tied her to a post. They have puppies not nursing and they have a mom looking for her pups," said Luli. Humane officers investigated a tip on the possible location of the puppies, but turned up nothing.

Luli said four dogs and one cat have been abandoned at their shelter this month.

If anyone has tips, they are asked to contact Ohio Pet Placement at 440-277-7400.

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