Teens nabbed in Lorain hiding in attic insulation after string of brazen daylight break-ins

LORAIN, Ohio - Kids were playing outside in Lorain. Neighbors were working in their yards and relaxing on the porch. It was another quiet summer morning.

Until they saw the kids knocking on front doors and walking through backyards. That's when the calls started pouring into 911.

Neighbors reported seeing two teens looking through windows near E. 37th and 38th streets in Lorain, Friday around 10 in the morning.

Lorain police already considered the area a "hot spot" for a string of recent break-ins and beefed-up patrols. An attentive and quick thinking Lorain police dispatcher redirected officers to check out the area.

Because of the increased patrols, police officers were just around the corner and moved in fast.

A neighbor directed police to a house on the corner and a torn screen on a back window.

Concerned someone could be home and in was danger from the burglars, eight police officers surrounded the house, then went inside the home searching for the suspects.

Lorain Police Detective Orlando Colon said the teens were found hiding in the attic insulation and that the 17-year-old even "buried" or "covered" the 19-year-old in the insulation, but police arrested both teens.

Colon said 19-year-old Steven Johnson was out on bond for burglary before he was arrested again Friday when the pair broke into four homes in less than 30 minutes.

Colon said the 17-year-old was arrested last year after admitting to 27 burglaries, driving a stolen car and escape for cutting off his ankle bracelet during house arrest.

Colon said the state Department of Youth Services let the 17-year-old out after six months. The male told police after he was arrested Friday, "I'll be back out tomorrow."

Neighbors credit police for their quick action, but are upset with the judicial system that allowed the teen criminals back on the street so quickly in the first place.

"There needs to be more severe consequences and repercussions from judges for juvenile criminals with records," said Lorain resident Ivelisse Rivera.

Rivera said the arrests were the result of attentive neighbors communicating with police.

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