Sudden show of support inspires Donna's Diner owner not to close Friday as planned

ELYRIA, Ohio - Maybe it was because Donna was away from her diner for months after knee surgery, or the rough winter. Whatever the reason, business wasn't what it used to be.

So recently, Donna Dove said she was closing her diner, which has been located on Middle Avenue in Elyria for 14 years, for good on Friday. News of the closing spread fast.

Suddenly, people started showing up again. Wednesday, Donna's was packed for lunch.

Then, city and county employees who work in downtown Elyria, not only showed up, they turned out to help.

Forrest Bullocks, an Elyria Councilman for 18 years stops in to pour coffee for customers.

Other council members have also stepped in to help.

Now, there's new life and renewed respect from local residents and downtown workers to support small, local businesses.

Donna took down the for sale signs on the windows of her diner Wednesday and said she is going to keep the place open.

Dinners by Donna are back.

"I'm so happy I could cry tears of joy over all of this support, but I've been too busy and that's a good thing," Dove said.

Donna's Diner is open Monday through Saturday for breakfast and lunch.

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