Secret Santa pays off $8,800 layaway tab at Avon Walmart

AVON, Ohio - Secret Santas have been paying off bills for strangers across the country, and the generosity of the Good Samaritans continued to spread into northeast Ohio over the weekend.

Walmart workers in Avon called some layaway customers on Friday who told them they wouldn't be able to pay for their on-hold gifts, which meant also giving up a fee and down payment. Midnight Saturday was the last day for some to pay in full or forfeit the money already paid.

On Saturday, the Walmart said an anonymous do-gooder handed the layaway clerk his credit card to pay off items on the layaway bill.

The store manager told the Chronicle-Telegram the anonymous donor couldn't choose just one or two families, so he took care of the entire $8,800 bill.

The Avon Secret Santa told Walmart's manager he read an article recently that spoke to his heart and he felt moved to help make a difference this holiday season.

Walmart's manager told the newspaper the 23 families were in tears and shock when employees called to tell them their layaway gifts had been anonymously paid in full.

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