Road closed to detonate dynamite found in Lorain home

LORAIN, Ohio - Approximately 56 sticks of dynamite were found inside a Lorain home Wednesday morning, according to Lorain Public Information Officer Roger Watkins.

Authorities found the explosives at 1708 West 23rd St.

Police and a bomb squad were called to the scene and the dynamite sticks were dragged by robot to the middle of the street for detonation.

The road is closed at this time.

Watkins said this is not uncommon and happens at least once a year.

Update 7/3/2013 6:15 p.m. :

Doug Majka (pronounced Mike-ah) sat under a small tree behind hazard tape hung from trees and road signs by the Lorain Fire Department early Wednesday morning. He patiently told a small crowd around him stories of the evening before when, in an effort to clean up his back yard of debris, he inspected a bag he thought was peat moss.

"I ripped the bag open thinking there was peat moss in there and I actually pulled out a couple of sticks of dynamite after I dug through the packaging," said Majka.

Majka had just purchased his home two months ago. Lorain Police Captain Thomas Mize said it's believed the dynamite had been on the property for decades, once used for destroying tree stumps by the man who owned the home. According to neighbors he passed away approximately ten years ago, but originally owned the entire area where there are now homes, apartments and a school.

One of those evacuated, Ray Tomazewski, said he has lived in the neighborhood for over 43 years. He remembers the man, known as Walter, hoarding everything from old cars to antiques. He's not surprised new owners are still finding unique items like dynamite, but shocked that it had dangerously been there for several decades.

"It was a post-WWII dump. Old vehicles and stuff like that, and Walter was like a junk collector, and he owned that property," said Tomazewski. "He used to own all this property as far as you could see before all these homes were here." "It's not surprising that it would be there."

Bomb squad officials said after they make sure the dynamite is safe to move with the help of a robot, they will transport it to a safer location to detonate.



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