Police: Theft suspects spotted pulling wagon with hot water heater, copper from rental home

ELYRIA, Ohio - Two were arrested in Elyria Thursday after police said a landlord said he spotted them dragging a wagon with his water heater in it away from his rental property.

Amanda Gerber, 22, and Leon Gideon Winans, 29, both of Elyria, were charged with theft after an officer stopped them walking down Barres Lane in Elyria. According to the report, the two had the wagon with the water heater and scrap metal. Winans told the officer he had found the items on the curb, the report states.

The landlord for the rental home on East Avenue identified the items as the ones missing from his property.

Gerber was being evicted from the home, police said. The landlord told police that he also suspects them of stealing two refrigerators, two stoves, two washers and dryers and an air conditioning unit from the building.



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