Pitbull shot in face on Howe Street in Elyria; suspect on the loose

ELYRIA, Ohio - Police in Elyria continue to look for a suspect who shot a woman's pitbull in the face Tuesday night.

The owner of the brown and white pitbull said she walked outside after hearing gunshots and found her dog lying in a pool of blood on the porch shortly after 9 p.m.

A witness told Elyria police officers that a man was running from the dog on Howe Street. The two ended up on the dog owner's porch which is when the witness said the suspect shot the dog in the face and left shoulder.

The suspect then took off with another friend who was standing across the street, according to the witness.

Officers found a 9mm spend casing on the porch and a pack of cigarettes.

The owner's boyfriend took the dog to an animal hospital. The pitbull's condition is not known.

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