Pit bull used as bait in fights dumped in Sheffield Village

Pit bull found with malnourished bulldog

SHEFFIELD VILLAGE, Ohio - Two dogs suspected of being used in dog fighting were found in a Sheffield Village neighborhood on Sunday.

Vice President of Multiple Breed Rescue April Boesken received a tip call about the two dogs wandering in a field near the Carousel Swim Club. When she arrived, she discovered a female pit bull and a male American bulldog both covered in bite wounds, the rescue group said.

The two pups were taken to the Fox Veterinary Hospital Inc. in Elyria. Dr. Fox said the marks all over the pit bull's face and ears were no more than three or four days old and were consistent with injuries of a bait dog.

Multiple Breed Rescue said Fox believes the pit bull, now called Diane, was used in preparation for a fight last weekend. Diane was placed in a foster home on Tuesday.

The bulldog, who now goes by Hammy, was thin, but unharmed. According to the rescue group, he may have been dumped because he wouldn't fight. MBR said it was definitely not their first fight, but at least it was their last.

Multiple Breed Rescue said people need to report suspicious or suspected dog fighting to local authorities. The Humane Society of the United States offers up to $5,000 in reward money for information leading to the conviction of anyone involved in dog fighting. MBR said anyone with info should call the tip line at 877-TIP-HSUS.

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