One week after flooding North Ridgeville residents pack city council meeting demanding changes

NORTH RIDGEVILLE, Ohio - They came not so much to hear but to be heard and one by one North Ridgeville residents took their turn before their mayor and city council to share with emotion their personal tales of what they've endured over the last week and the long road ahead.

Many of them live along Gina Drive, Debbie Drive and Pitts Boulevard an area of the city continuously hard hit by flooding with many residents dropped after recent floods by their insurance and forced to deal with the repair of their homes yet again out of their own pocket.

"It's a financial disaster for people that are on fixed incomes," said 82-year-old Malcom Mahaffey, who lives on Gina Drive and has had to replace his water heater four times in four years.

His neighbor Amy Powers spoke of having to endure three floods in the six years she's owned her home.

"My son is sick and I have to leave because he is ill," she said. "I have to ruin my credit file bankruptcy and leave my home to save my child. This city owes me a home, I didn't do this to myself you all did it to me."

The common theme was the call for immediate action.

"I would like the city to consider tearing up that street, putting in new sewer lines or buying our homes. We now have a retention basin on Gina Drive," said resident Marilyn Jefferies.

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