Ohio Pet Placement in Lorain County forced to close after violations found and 55 pets removed

LORAIN, Ohio - Ohio Pet Placement in Lorain County was forced to close this week after 55 pets were removed.

Sheffield Township chairman Timothy Mihalcik said Sheffield Township trustees agreed Monday to revoke the facility's permit to operate, after health and zoning inspectors found overflowing feces, filled trash cans and no electricity or running water.

Mihalcik said he found out about the violations when several complaints were made.

Zoning inspector Mark Naro found dog feces in the storm drains and trash cans filled with it on the property.

Naro contacted the Lorain County Prosecutor's Office about the matter. The prosecutor's office will decide if any charges will be filed.

Also, the Lorain County Health Department is working the Animal Protective League to resolve the matter.

Naro and Mihalcik said the Ohio Pet Placement had been operating for weeks without utilities and trash service after failing to pay the bills. A volunteer recently filed a complaint with the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board about ill cats not receiving veterinary care.

The founder of Ohio Pet Placement is Crystal Luli.

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