Off-duty Lorain police officer assaulted at Club Copa

LORAIN, Ohio - An evening out at Lorain's Club Copa ended with an off-duty police officer assaulted and a man charged with the crime.

Lorain police were called to Club Copa around 2:30 a.m. after getting word of a fight involving an off-duty police officer.

According to the Lorain police report, Officer AJ Mathewson said when the lights inside the club came on, indicating it was closing time, a man yelled at him, "you're a (expletive) racist cop." Mathewson replied, "Yeah, I'm a cop. I just wanted to have a beer like the rest of you."

Just as Mathewson was walking out the door, he felt a blow to his head, followed extreme pain and a bright, white flash.

Next thing the club manager knew, "a whole bunch of people" jumped on the off-duty officer and began hitting and kicking him, the report noted.

The manager was able to identify Jason Walker as the assailant. Walker has since been charged with assault on a police officer.

Another eyewitness confirmed Mathewson's and the manager's accounts of the night.

EMS checked Mathewson and said his head injuries were consistent with being hit with brass knuckles or a bottle.

Mathewson was treated and released. He does not wish to speak about the incident to the media.

The investigation continues.

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