Lorain County Drug Task Force busts meth operation at million dollar home in Sheffield Lake

SHEFFIELD LAKE, Ohio - The Lorain County Drug Task Force busted a Sheffield Lake man in his million dollar home for possessing chemicals and equipment for the making of meth.

Police arrested Madhu Dutta Thursday at 3675 East Lake Rd. 

According to police, Dutta did not have a fully functioning lab in the home but possessed chemicals and equipment that are used to produce meth. Police say Dutta had a Thionyl/Chloride Method lab. The case marks the first of this kind to be reported in Ohio. 

Police also found 3 handguns, 11 shotguns and a large quantity of ammunition inside the home. They say Dutta's home has a past record for robbery of guns.

Dutta is facing two counts of illegal processing and assembling chemicals and one count of permitting drug abuse. He is set to appear in court April 24. 


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