Mobile meth lab found near school in Sheffield Township

SHEFFIELD TOWNSHIP, Ohio - Lorain County Sheriff's deputies busted a mobile meth lab just blocks away from an elementary school.

It happened around noon on Wednesday at the corner of state Route 254 and state Route 57 in Sheffield Township.

According to the Lorain County Sheriff's office, a deputy pulled over a 1999 Chevrolet Prism for fictitious plates and discovered the driver had a suspended license. The deputy also said the 38-year-old appeared to be on drugs. In fact, all five of the people inside the car seemed to be under the influence.

When other deputies arrived at the scene, they found several items used to make methamphetamine in the car, the sheriff's office said. The Sheffield Township Fire Department and the Lorain County Drug Task Force were also involved in the investigation.

The five people who were in the car were all taken to the Lorain County Jail and will appear in court on Thursday. They face charges for complicity to manufacture meth, but there is no word on whether they have been officially charged.

The bust happened just down the street from Vincent Elementary School on North Ridge Road.

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