May's heavy rain, flooding helped and hurt early season breeding for mosquitoes

ELYRIA, Ohio - The friends you welcome to backyard barbecues shouldn't be attacked by uninvited visitors. But recent heavy rain and flooding could make keeping mosquitoes away a tough job.

Scott Pozna, with the Lorain County General Health District, said officials set 12 mosquito traps every night.

Six traps are placed in two different cities on a rotating basis throughout Lorain County.
They're looking for encephalitis including West Nile virus which usually shows up in early to mid-July.
But why are some people seeing more mosquitoes than others already?

There is good news, though.
The rain earlier this month was so heavy, even the flooding washed away early season breeding grounds in many ditches, creeks and streams.

The bad news: It left smaller, but troublesome areas of stagnant water throughout the county.
Health officials are treating stagnant water with Larvicide, and won't spray neighborhoods with trucks until West Nile virus is detected. Moving water is never treated.

Now is the time to act.

You should clean your gutters, check hoses for leaks and remove all standing water in your yard.
Even if your home doesn't have any standing water, shaded, damp, weedy areas attract mosquitoes.

The midges coming off Lake Erie this time of year are harmless, but mosquitoes that bite are most active at dawn and dusk so health officials advise people to wear long sleeves, and use mosquito repellent.

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