Man accused of beating 70-year-old mom police find in urine-soaked clothing & with feces on fingers

LORAIN, Ohio - Lorain Police have arrested a man accused of abusing his 70-year-old mother.

Monday, concerned neighbor, Richard Robinson, called police after he said he and his roommate had heard 51 year old Steven Whitman yelling profane things to his mother, 70 year old Janet Whitman.

Lorain police responded to the 300 block of Delaware Avenue around 5:30 p.m. and met up with Steven Whitman.

Officers told Whitman that a neighbor reported that he had been beating his elderly mother all day.

Whitman told officers that his mother had spilled her supper and he admitted he had yelled at her.

Officers asked to speak with Janet and entered the home. Once inside, the Lorain police officer was overcome by the stench of garbage, human waste and spoiled food.

Janet Whitman was located in the living room, draped in urine-soaked clothing with feces on her fingers and spilled food all over her body.

The Lorain Police officer noted that he could hardly breath due to the stench coming from Janet.

"In 20 plus years as a Lorain Police Officer, I can't remember smelling an odor that bad," stated Officer Perkins in the police report.

The officer called paramedics who arrived on scene and cut Janet's shirt off revealing an obvious broken left arm with the bone nearly out of the skin. Janet was considerably thin, weighing approximately 70 pounds.

She had suffered bruises to her face, neck and cheek.

Paramedics removed her lower garments and it was obvious she had been left in soiled clothing for multiple days or longer without care.

Janet was transported to a local hospital for treatment. At the hospital, doctors discovered that Janet had also suffered a broken hip and told police that bed sores to her lower extremities indicated that she had been left unattended for more than just a couple of days.

Robinson said he's been living next door to the Whitman's for six week and heard horrible noises coming from the apartment.

"On a pretty frequent basis I could hear a lot of loud screams. The gentleman was using very profane language some pretty disgusting things that were said. I could hear some loud crashing noises," Robinson said, "One day I came back and for about an hour straight he was screaming at her. I could see it was a little bit elevated and his tone was more violent that day."

Steven Whitman was charged with domestic violence, patient abuse, gross neglect and failure to provide for an impaired person. He was arraigned in Lorain Municipal Court Tuesday morning.

Check back for court results.

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