Malnourished pit bull found tied to table in Lorain garage, police look for owner

LORAIN, Ohio - A neighbor called Lorain police Monday to report hearing a dog bark for the past week. When authorities arrived to the home on W. 9th Street, between Oberlin and Washington avenues, they found a pit bull tied to a table in the garage.

They knocked on the door, but no one answered.

An officer wrote in the report that the dog, Kida, was "elated to see us and appeared malnourished, with its back and rib bones clearly visible and well defined."

Officers said Kida's leash was only three feet long. She was able to reach a blanket to lie down on, but couldn't get to the small amount of food or water about 10 feet away.

Authorities said the garage smelled of urine and feces and Kida was covered in the excrement.

"It suggested the dog had been tied there for some time," the report noted.

While officers were putting Kida in the back seat of the cruiser, they were approached by a teen who said the dog belonged to his mother's boyfriend. The 16-year-old told police that their house was being treated for pests and he knew Kida was left in the garage, but he "was not the one responsible for taking care of it," the report stated.

Police said the teen was uncooperative with them and wouldn't say where his mother or the boyfriend were at.

The dog was taken to a nearby veterinarian for treatment.

"I would request that the prosecutor's office review this report for the possible issuance of a warrant for (the dog owner) for cruelty to companion animals," the officer noted in his report.

So far, police have not found the dog's owner.

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