Lorain mayor helps pick up trash for residents while Republic Services employees continue to strike

Garbage beginning to accumulate during strike

LORAIN, Ohio - Like many communities in Northeast Ohio, the City of Lorain is starting to look a little messy.

Republic Services workers are currently on strike in Youngstown, Ohio. While workers in Northeast Ohio are not officially on strike, workers have stopped picking up trash in support of their fellow Youngstown employees.

Communities such as Strongsville, Vermillion, and Brunswick along with many others have been affected.

Every city has a different plan to deal with the work stoppage. The city of Elyria loaned three of it's garbage trucks to Lorain for the weekend. Having the trucks is a big help, but you need people to operate them.

"We've received hundreds of calls in regards to the inconvenience, health, and safety issues," said Chase Ritenauer, Mayor of Lorain.

Ritenauer and other City of Lorain employees took to the streets Saturday and began picking up the trash themselves.

"I think it's awesome that he's coming out and he's showing his support and doing what has to be done to keep this city clean," said Lorain resident Cynthia Guenther.

Having only three trucks isn't nearly enough to service the entire city of Lorain, but it's certainly a help.

"We can't guarantee that all of the garbage is going to be picked up, but a heck of a lot more is going to picked up because of the generosity of Elyria and the generosity of our employees," said Ritenauer.

Anyone using Republic Services should contact their local officials for possible changes to their waste removal schedule.

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