Lorain man in court for alleged murder of his 5-month-old child's mother

LORAIN, Ohio - It could takes weeks before we know how Catherine Hoholski died.

According to Lorain County Coroner Dr. Evans, Hoholski's body was found in a plastic container in a storage area of the apartment she lived in.

Evans said the body may have been in there for up to a month.

A Lorain man made his first appearance in a Kentucky courtroom for his arraignment on Friday. Lorain police and the Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force with the help of Lexington law enforcement arrested Albert Fine Thursday evening in Kentucky.

Lorain police found the body of 26-year-old Catherine Hoholski near her Tower Boulevard apartment on Wednesday at about 3:30 p.m. The cause of her death has not been released.

Police said Hoholski's parents hadn't heard from her since June 28. They reported her missing July 12, according to Lorain Police spokesperson Lt. Mark Carpentiere.

Fine, 36, and Hoholski have a 5-month-old daughter, Jasmine. The two lived in the apartment building where Hoholski's body was found.

"Her parents reported her missing on July 12th. We were working it as a missing persons case, but our investigation eventually led us here to some suspicious things and we located her body the other day through info we developed," said Carpentiere after detectives searched a field behind the apartments.

Neighbor, Bud Luman, said the couple's baby arrived in March and only weighed one pound. Now she's six pounds and doing much better.
"The thing that's really upsetting is if he stayed in the house while she was in there dead and kept going up to the hospital with her mother," said Luman.
Now that the truth is being revealed about the disappearance of Hoholski, Luman said he's disgusted. He claimed Fine continuously took advantage of the victim's mother knowing something was wrong with her daughter.

Luman said the victim's mother would pick Fine up from the apartment and drive him to MetroHealth Medical Center to see his child, without letting on that he might have done something to Hoholski.

"Somebody that really has a twisted mind or something," said Luman. "Their thought processes can't be right to withhold something like that to a dear person I'm sure they loved because they shared a child."

Luman said Hoholski and his granddaughters grew up together. He and his wife live just two houses away from the Hohoskis and they feel their pain.

"Our heart goes out to them because it is very difficult, I think, for a parent to lose a child. Usually the parent thinks that they are going to go before their children, their children are going to outlive them," said Luman.

According to Luman, Hoholski's parents were very worried about her disappearance as she visited Jasmine daily and just suddenly stopped. He said he never thought the situation would end this way.

"No, I never though it would come to this situation. We thought that because she had child she shared with her boyfriend that they had some love between them and love for the child," he said.

"I thought because she chose him as a boyfriend that's her choice, hopefully, that she had made a good choice. That's what you hope for," he said, "And now that is a very heart-tugging thing to know that someone has taken a life."

Fine is expected to be extradited back to northeast Ohio sometime next week.

Carpentiere said Fine is charged with murder. Additional charges are expected once a grand jury gets the case.

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