Lorain, Elyria health departments warn residents about dangers of wild mushrooms

LORAIN, Ohio - Health officials in Lorain County are warning residents not to forage for wild mushrooms.

There has been an increase of people becoming sick from eating poisonous wild mushrooms, specifically Amanita mushrooms. The Lorain and Elyria health departments said this could be because of the wet spring and fall, leading to the growth of more wild mushrooms.

The health departments pointed to the recent case of Avon Lake residents being hospitalized after eating chicken cacciatore that contained Amanita, or "death cap", mushrooms.

Consuming Amanitas can result in liver damage and even death. Symptoms of wild mushroom poisoning include vomiting, fever, low blood pressure, nausea and abdominal pain.

The Lorain and Elyria health departments said people should buy mushrooms at the grocery store, instead of foraging.

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