Lorain County Children Services say they are no strangers to alleged neglect by Lorain mom

LORAIN, Ohio - Lorain County Children Services said they are no strangers to the alleged neglect by a Lorain mom. However, they weren't aware of the poor living conditions inside the other rooms of the duplex apartment.

Osiris Boyer, 22, was charged with five counts of child endangering after her kids were found with a 17-year-old babysitter that the mother did not know and living in filthy conditions.

LDCC had been introduced to Boyer just weeks before when they got a tip that Boyer wasn't providing adequate supervision for the children.

It wasn't until police contacted them Sunday that they knew about the terrible living conditions.

Spokesperson for the agency Patti Jo Burtnett said they had gone out to visit the home weeks ago, but didn't get to see all of the home. Parents can refuse to allow further access without proper legal documentation.

Burtnett said Lorain Police Department's discovery will help them going forward with the case.

For now, Burtnett said the five children are being taken care of by family members. The agency is providing help to them for the children's care.

Boyer will have her arraignment hearing on Wednesday morning.

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