Lorain City Garage Superintendent suspended over male blow up doll

Lorain, OH - A blow up doll found in Lorain's City Garage has resulted in the suspension of Lorain City Garage Superintendent Robert Evans.

The male blow up doll has been floating around the garage since June 2012 and has been the center of "garage horseplay."

According to Safety-Service Director Robert Fowler, Evans was placed on paid administrative leave while city administration investigated incidents at the garage amongst workers. On October 29, Evans was suspended for 30 days without pay for not destroying and investigating why the doll labeled "Paul" was still in the city's garage. The suspension without pay runs from Oct. 30 through Dec. 10.

Evan appealed the suspension to Lorain's Civil Service Commission and has a hearing scheduled for Monday, Nov. 26.

According to Fowler, Evans has been with the City of Lorain since 2005.

The doll has reportedly been "destroyed" according to Fowler. 

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