Lorain adds 22 houses to the list of homes declared nuisances and recommends that they be torn down

Neighbors glad to see blight removed

LORAIN, Ohio - The City of Lorain has declared about two dozen additional houses as nuisances and has slated them for demolition. The buildings are unsafe for human occupancy.

Most of the yards are overgrown, steps are unsafe and in disrepair. Windows are broken out or boarded over. Many of the homes are open and are an invitation for crime. Neighbors around the condemned houses say they will be glad to see them go

"It's run down, the backyard is filthy, got garbage, animals running in and out like raccoons and stuff like that. I would like to see for it to come down. I'll be glad when it comes down," said Heather Moorer about the house next door.

The city will re-examine a few more buildings that will be considered for demolition. The owners or potential buyers showed enough evidence of repair progress to delay a decision.

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