Local city turns down 21 out of 22 pothole damage claims, wants more documentation and pictures

ELYRIA, Ohio -

Extreme cold this past winter and the constant freeze and thaw cycle left an endless amount of potholes all over Northeast Ohio, but you may have low odds of getting your damage claim paid.

Elyria's Morgan Avenue has been patched so many times it's turning into a gravel road, some neighbors said.

John Brady said the potholes and curb damage are so severe, his bumper fell of the brackets on his Ford Truck on Park View Court.

It felt like the bottom of my truck fell off,” Brady said.

Brady said he called Elyria City Hall and plans to file an official claim with the Safety/Service Department, but the odds aren't in his favor,

So far this season Elyria has gotten 30 claims, denied 22, granted one, and said seven are pending.

“We're going to get all four seasons in the next 24 hours. "It's been a brutal winter and rough spring so far,” said Elyria Law Director Scott Serazin.

Serazin said for the city to be liable and pay for repairs to someone's vehicle, there had to have been complaints made about the pothole and they didn't fix it, or it has to be an obvious pothole on a main road that they failed to fix.

Otherwise, he said, call police to file a report, and file a claim at City Hall.

“Document the damage and where it happened by taking pictures of both, because a lot of times we can't tell if it happened in the city or not,” Serazin said.

That's why Sarazin advises residents to file a police report if you can, because it's the best documentation.

Serazin said the city has to guard against false claims and people who file claims weeks or even months after the damage to their car was repaired.

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