Little girl attacked by dogs; grandfather and little girl's friend fight off the dogs

LORAIN, Ohio - A little girl is recovering at home after she was attacked by two dogs Monday evening as she played with a friend in Lorain.

It could have been worse if her grandfather and 9-year-old friend hadn't been there to help.

Elena Melenez was visiting her grandparent's house, playing in the next door neighbor's backyard with Katelyn Sowards and her family's dogs.

"We were playing with bubbles," said Katelyn.

A minute later, Elena's grandmother was screaming.

Katelyn's grandfather, Jose Ramos, had just come home and immediately jumped in to help.

"They were dragging her like a toy," said Ramos.

Katelyn was already doing her best to help her friend. With Elena's dad, Michael Melenez, they were able to get her away and rush her to the hospital where she received 15 stitches in her arms and leg.

Now, Elena is back home, recovering in good hands. Both her parents are nurses.

Her family is not angry. They realized it was an accident. Her grandfather said they've played with the dogs dozens of times but the dogs were never aggressive before.  

Above all, Michael Melenez is grateful.

"I don't know if my daughter would be here today if not for her and my father-in-law," said Melenez.

The dog owners are heartbroken. Ray Garcia said he got the two puppies--a Labrador and Pit Bull mix and the English Bull Dog--a few months ago for protection. This was the first time, he said, they ever caused any problems.

"As soon as the dog warden gives me the okay, I am going to get rid of them. If I can't find them a home, (I am) going to have to put them down," said Garcia.

The dogs are currently in quarantine.

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