Harley Davidson up for auction after Vermilion police seize it from OVI suspect

VERMILION, Ohio - If you drive drunk in Ohio, you won't just lose your license, you could lose your car.

Vermillion police seized a pricey motorcycle after nabbing the driver for an OVI. Now, it's up for sale. Under state law, police departments can confiscate your vehicle if you are arrested for three OVIs in six years.

Vermillion police said that's what happened to 51-year-old Herman Walbom, of Lorain. The last time he was busted was in July.

Police filed for forfeiture of his 2009 Harley Davidson Softtail Heritage Motorcycle. It was granted as part of a plea deal.

Now, police are selling it on eBay with a starting price of $9,000. Michael Donavan, of Lorain, said the bike caught his eye. He stopped by to look at the motorcycle while running errands in Vermilion.

He loved the condition and the 96 cubic inches in size. He said best part was the name on the side.

"It's a Harley, it's an American bike. I'm one of those guys, I'm a big union American made person. So that's a big sell," said Donavan.

Police are hoping the auction will send a message, if you drive drunk, you could lose your car.

"It would deter me. I would tell you, if I lost me a $20,000 bike you know and they are going to put it up for auction and I see the price. I'm out all that money and then I'm still having to deal with all that stuff in the court system. Yeah, that's a deterrent," said Donavan.

Police said the blue book value is $16,000. Enter "Vermilion police" into the eBay search if you are interested in making a bid. The auction closes at 9p.m. on Sunday.

Police said Walbom plans on making a bid to get his bike back.

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