Ghoulish Grinch? Lorain family reports $500 in Halloween decorations stolen from front lawn

LORAIN, Ohio - There's a Halloween Grinch in Lorain.

According to a Lorain police report, a family claims someone stole $500 in Halloween decorations that were displayed on their front lawn.

The theft happened on Oct. 6. on the 4600 block of Washington Avenue.

According to Robert Gillispie, he went outside his home Sunday around 11 a.m. and discovered his yard had been raided.

Thieves stole $500 in decorations including a large mask, 10 spiders, four small masks, a cage with pirate inside, three large skeletons, one large spider, one tombstone, a set of ball and chains and other items.

Lorain police are investigating. Anyone with information should contact the Lorain Police Department.

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