Former Cleveland super cop Jim Simone still dodging near-death experiences

SHEFFIELD LAKE, Ohio - Former Cleveland super cop Jim Simone is back at policing and surviving near death experiences.

Tuesday, Officer Simone, who is now with Sheffield Lake Police Department, was in the midst of a traffic stop in the area of 4037 Lake Road when he went to exit his vehicle and was grazed by a passing car.

The vehicle driving by struck Officer Simone's cruiser, causing the cruiser door to spring back and strike Officer Simone. The suspect driver from the initial traffic stop was sitting in the backseat of the cruiser and claimed to have been ‘jarred' during the incident. He was transported to Mercy Medical in Lorain to be treated and released.

The dash camera in Officer Simone's cruiser was recording during the incident. In the video, the cruiser is seen shaking from impact.

The hit-skip driver continued along. Damage to Officer Simone's cruiser prevented him from following up.

Within the next several hours around 1:30 a.m., an officer observed the vehicle described in the hit-skip located in a driveway of a home in the 900 block of East Drive. The vehicle's owner was contacted and the driver immediately admitted to his involvement. The driver filled out a written statement that he was tired and may have dozed off. He was startled when he heard a thumping sound and noticed the dent in his vehicle when he made it home. The driver, Terry Hines, was charged with failing to maintain reasonable control, failing to use due caution when approaching a public safety vehicle and failing to stop after a crash.

Officer Simone has faced deadly situations throughout his nearly 40 years in public safety. While with the Cleveland Police Department, Officer Simone has killed five suspects and been shot twice, once in the head.

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