Elyria Playboy playmates charged with assault after allegedly attacking manager of strip club

CARLISLE TWP., Ohio - Two of three Elyria triplets who posed for Playboy were taken into custody and charged with assault after allegedly getting into a fight at a strip club early Saturday morning.

After reviewing surveillance video, police said Vicki Satterfield, 28, of Elyria, appeared to start a fight in a dressing room of the Brass Pole. Officers said Vicki Satterfield and another woman were throwing items at each other and the altercation escalated to a physical confrontation between at least six dancers.

The video shows the manager of the Brass Pole, Melissa Anderson, attempting to remove Vicki and her sister Sarah, also 28, of Elyria, from the establishment, to which they responded by attacking Anderson, according to police.

Police said in the report that the fight had to be broken up by multiple people.

Both Satterfields were then taken to the Lorain County Jail and each charged with assault.

Vicki Satterfield wanted to know again why she was being arrested and officers told her she was in custody for assault against the manager, Anderson.

Police then said Vicki Satterfield, who was "severely intoxicated," became irate, cursing at officers and saying "F*** that b****, I`ll kill that ho," referring to the manager, Melissa Anderson.

The sisters were scheduled to be in Elyria Municipal Court Monday morning.

Vicki and Sarah, along with their other sister, Rachel, appeared in Playboy in 2003 and 2007.

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