Donna's Diner in Elyria is back in 'The New York Times' after election

Donna's Diner back in the New York Times

ELYRIA, ohio - Donna Dove has done it again.

The Elyria woman and her diner were in "The New York Times" again on Wednesday, showing a picture of her voting.

Last month, the national newspaper did a five-day story about what she goes through as a small business owner.

Dove is more than grateful. As business was slow, the Times helped her pick things back up. Now, many people are opening her door and ringing the bell when they are ready to cash out.

"The New York Times gave me a second chance to get better with my diner," Dove said. "It woke people up to small businesses. It's also caused people from around the world to stop by and grab a bite to eat."

To prove her point, she went around her diner one day and asked a simple question.

"Is this your first time here and they would say ‘Yeah.' And I would say ‘What brought you in?' And they would say 'The New York Times.'"

Customers from Spain, Germany and Japan to name a few have now had a meal at the Lorain County restaurant.

The diner owner said she must work to keep the momentum going. That's exactly the sentiment she has for President Barack Obama.

"He's got a second chance too."

Dove said she hopes the president will work with congress to get things done. Mainly, create jobs so that people have money to come into her diner for a meal.

"He needs to make sure we stay busy. There are all kinds of small businesses and they are real and we need help," Dove said.

But what's her biggest fear about Election Day?

"The economy will go back down. I'm afraid it's going to get worse, but I have my faith in the president. I guess? I hope?"

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