Donna's Diner in Elyria featured in The New York Times

ELYRIA, Ohio - Donna's Diner has been around in Elyria for nearly 13 years. But it was this past Sunday that it became the talk of the town when it was featured in The New York Times .

The article talks about Donna Dove, her family and the myriad of customers she's met over the years. The diner has become a bit like that bar in Boston called Cheers. The place where "everybody knows your name."

Dove said a Times photographer came in one day when they were closing. She had no idea the woman she let in worked for the national newspaper.

"Seeing it on the front page of the New York Times? Unbelievable," Dove said.

Dove's store phone rang off the hook. People from all around the country were giving her a ring, telling her they read the story of her struggle and how she is a survivor.

"That was Jane Pauley," she told NewsChannel5 when the former NBC Today show anchor called the store. "She talked to me like we were old friends."

Unfortunately, she didn't want to take every phone call. The gas company also called wanting payment.

"It's been 12 and a half years and I'm still in business. Do I have money? No. But do I pay my bills? Always late. Always late charges, but am I happy with my business? Yeah," Dove said.

Dove said she does not have health insurance because she can't afford it. Even though that topic is likely to come up in the second presidential debate, she's not thrilled with either of the two candidates. But, the fodder inside her diner was plentiful, as many sat around talking about what they expect from the debate.

Mary Siwierka plans to watch, but said she would prefer to see it, "(without the) ticker tape at the bottom with all that instant poll stuff."

Sitting next to her was Carson Chlepciak. He said he would like,"To hear one of them say something that I could relate too. Where I can get encouragement."

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