Cheetah the 1960s iconic car has a rebirth thanks to local father-son team

GRAFTON, Ohio - The famous 1960s car the "Cheetah," built by Bill Thomas, was made to compete with Carroll Shelby's Cobra.

Some 50 years later, the "Cheetah" is having a resurgence by Ruth Engineering and Racing, a father-son team out of Grafton.

This Cheetah is based out of the Chevrolet Corvette. These cars are made one at a time from the ground up. From start to finish, you will have a road ready Cheetah in about four months. They are custom built for the driver. It doesn't matter how short or how tall you are. They will tailor it to your needs.

Craig Ruth, owner/operator of Ruth Engineering and Racing, just started on his new project. The chassis of this Cheetah is a round tube that is jig assembled. It is spot welded and the frame starts to take shape. That is where Tom Naso of Blue Arc Design will come in and  finish welding the joints.

Carl Buccieri purchased the new Cheetah and is quite stoked about his new toy "as he puts it."

Carl just doesn't want a unique car he wants a fast car. He plans on racing it at the East Coast Timing Association in Wilmington, Ohio this April. It's a flat track that is one mile long.

The record is 167 mph for the class that he is entering and not only does he hope to break the record but he thinks he has a good shot at the 200 mph club.

"It is a great opportunity to open it up for a mile to see how fast you can go," Buccieri said.

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