Cars pelted with rocks in Elyria

ELYRIA, Ohio - Elyria police want to know who has been throwing rocks at cars along Fuller Road.

Since August 1 three people have reported it happened to them, including Jeremey Gunter, whose windshield was cracked.

"I heard like a gunshot," he said. "There was no gunshot. I looked at the front of my windshield and I got a huge crack right here."

Gunter told NewsChannel5 the rock was about the size of his fist.  Pieces also hit his shoulder.  Apparently the culprits hide in thick bushes near a housing complex on Fuller. 

Elyria police are taking the incidents very seriously.

"We've allocated a number of resources to patrol that area," Capt. Chris Costantino said. He's asking anyone with information to call police before someone really gets hurt.  They can stay anonymous. 

"I just hope they stop it," Gunter said. 

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