State wants to tear down buildings from 1880s to widen North Ridgeville's Center Ridge Road

NORTH RIDGEVILLE, Ohio - Get your keys made, paint mixed and even your guitar tuned at Buescher's Hardware. It's all in a place with old oak floors and pressed tin ceilings from 1880.

Now, the state wants to come in and tear it all down to widen a three-mile stretch of Center Ridge Road in North Ridgeville.

Joe Buescher's family bought the building in 1936.

It's been home to Buescher's Hardware ever since.

Joe has worked here for 30 years and has lived upstairs for 25.

The state will pay to relocate, but how do you relocate and replace the memories and feeling of a place like this?

A place with so much history and family memories.

"People come in this store because of the history. for me, well not only do I work here, but i live here. They talk about relocating us, but it just wouldn't be the same without the store," Buescher said.

Two miles down the road sits a floral shop and greenhouse which have also been on Center Ridge Road since 1880.

The Hale family devoted their life to delivering quality,

Progress doesn't bother them, losing their connection to the past breaks their heart.

"My family worked all those years and sacrificed to make what we have. How are we ever going to replace this building and our location," Hale said.

The state will offer fair market value, but shop owners wonder how the state can define "fair" because of the  history and relocating a business is risky business.

For Buescher, the coincidence of the road project isn't lost on him.

His family added onto the building in the 1950s by using timbers from trees on his grandfather's land.

Trees that had to be cleared so the Ohio Turnpike could be built.

Despite the 134-year-old history of some of these successful businesses, ODOT has to do something as traffic increases on Center Ridge Road.

The number of vehicle crashes has been steadily climbing.

The construction on Center Ridge Road could start in two to three years.

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