Brecksville man enters not guilty plea after man dies in I-90 construction zone

Court date set for SUV driver Anthony Rose, Jr.

AVON, Ohio - The city of Avon's construction project manager Don Damyanic explained at sunrise Thursday that the sub-contracted crew was in no mood to talk about the accident that killed their colleague.

Peter Maglis, 63, was working with the Athos Construction painting crew on Sept. 12 on Interstate 90 when he was hit by an SUV.

Police said 50-year-old Anthony Rose, Jr. lost control of his SUV, slamming into another car, killing Maglis. Maglis of Campbell, a suburb of Youngstown, didn't make it to the hospital.

"Until you've actually been in the situation and actually done the work to see what actually occurs, it's extremely dangerous in my opinion for people who are driving that are not focusing on what they're doing," said Damyanic.

In an Avon Municipal Court hearing Thursday morning, Rose did not appear. His attorney, instead filed a not guilty plea to charges of assured clear distance, a minor misdemeanor, and vehicular manslaughter, a second-degree misdemeanor.

Rose is currently out on personal bond and is scheduled to appear in Avon Lake Municipal Court on Oct. 23.

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