Bedford Heights welcomes GOP candidate Mitt Romney

Bedford Heights, Kent score visits by '12 campaign

BEDFORD HEIGHTS, Ohio - Business parking lots in Bedford Heights and Warrensville Heights straddling Miles Road had their hands full Wednesday.

The Romney/Ryan campaign buses rolled into this predominately industrial area, east of Richmond Road, for a roundtable visit to American Spring Wire.

Golf carts parked outside of Century Cart Connection across the street from ASW on tree lawns were framed by yellow police caution tape protecting them from possible-parking spot seekers looking for a closer walk in the rain.

"I've been driving all over the place and I finally got an answer as to where to park," said Jay Rayl. "I think this is the fourth lot I've been kicked out of. They just keep saying go farther down this way and now I finally get a guy who told me I have to go up to the Corporate Center, which I should have figured out when I drove past and saw it way more packed than it usually is."

"Draws some attention to the area. It's normally just an industrial area so just waiting for the motorcade to come through," Century Equipment's service manager Al Kaserman.

Century's general manager Mike Baria was more emphatic about the visit. Century Equipment has been a viable family company for over 60 years first starting in Toledo. For the last 40 years in Warrensville Heights, the company has quietly helped this neighborhood boom industrially, weathering decades of different administrations in Washington.

"We're glad to have Governor Romney in the area and glad to support him. Obviously, with a company that's been around for 60 years, they work really hard to build a business here," said Baria. "We think that Governor Romney's job in business himself and can certainly help us in Ohio and all of this country to get business back on track. And hopefully, give us some of the tax breaks that businesses need to grow, especially being a small business."

While American Wire Spring was hosting this Bedford event, Kent State University was prepping for President Barack Obama's visit Wednesday evening. Doors opened for those with free tickets given out on Monday.

Waiting in line since early Wednesday morning was KSU sophomore Katelyn Taylor, of Chicago.

"I'm hoping I'm getting a floor seat in the third row. I don't know, somewhere close," said Taylor.

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