Avon police investigate alleged sexual abuse of 2-year-old at French Creek YMCA

AVON, Ohio - The French Creek YMCA has centered many of its programs around children. That's why workers were shocked when Avon police notified them about an alleged sexual assault of a child Monday.
"I can't overstate how seriously we take an allegation like this," said spokesman Rick Haase.

Haase said the child's mother was changing her diaper when the little girl told her about the alleged incident. The YMCA reported it to child protective services.
"She complained that her private parts were hurting then said that she was allegedly fondled by a man wearing a black hat," Haase explained.

The child was in Child Watch, an area set aside for child care, when the incident allegedly happened. It's an area that Haase says is off limits to male employees.

"As you can see, no parents or anyone else is allowed behind these gates. As a matter of fact, they have staff located throughout this whole room. We still don't know in fact whether or not the incident actually occurred in our facility."

Parents have to sign their children in and out of Child Watch, and there are cameras around the area.

"We have reviewed those videotapes. We didn't not see anything that looked suspicious and we've turned those tapes over to the police," Hasse said.

They're waiting to see what the police investigation reveals about this isolated incident. In the meantime, they want to reiterate that the YMCA is a safe haven for children.
"We take the safety and security of our members and their families, especially the children, incredibly serious," said Haase.

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