Avon Lake looks for solution to deer problem

Advisory panel recommends 'Do Not Feed' law

AVON LAKE, Ohio - Oh dear. That's the sentiment in Avon Lake, where the population of deer has grown over the years.

Frustrated residents shared horror stories Wednesday night about how deer have destroyed their plants and make them feel unsafe on their patios and in their yards.

"A deer instead of going around my gate, which they could have done, this one was in a hurry so he went right through it," one resident said. "A wooden gate. Just went directly through it."

Their comments came as the city's Environmental Affairs Advisory Board met to consider an ordinance that bans the intentional feeding of deer in Avon Lake.  The board made some amendments and sent the ordinance to a city council committee.

Board chairman Mike Sweeney said the ordinance is just "one piece of a larger picture of deer management."

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources told NewsChannel5 it believes only 40 to 50 deer should populate any one area. Avon Lake's deer population is estimated at 250 to 300.  It's also leading to more car-deer crashes.

Avon Lake police officers have responded to 30 incidents involving drivers hitting deer over the past year.

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