Autopsy: 18-year-old Logan Stiner died of caffeine overdose days before graduation from Keystone HS

LAGRANGE, Ohio - A LaGrange high school student died days before graduation after a caffeine overdose.

According to a report by the Chronicle Telegram , an autopsy found 18-year-old Logan Stiner had a lethal amount of caffeine in his system when he died May 27.

His death sent Keystone High School into grief just a week before graduation. 

The high school senior went home for lunch, school officials said, and his brother found him passed out on the floor.

Stiner’s mother said she found bags of caffeine powder in their house the day he died.

Logan Stiner was a star wrestler and stand-out student who was the prom king with a big heart, helping with Special Olympics.

"He liked everyone and everyone liked him," said Stiner's English teacher, Phil Tuttle.

Stiner was among the top five students in his class. Top academic achievers like Stiner were allowed to selected an inspirational teacher for an award. Stiner selected Tuttle.

"In 26 years, I've never had to experience this, that close," said Tuttle.

The unexpected death of Stiner touched many people within the community and the school district.

"You get to know the kids when you are in a district this big and it impacts you," said Keystone Local Schools Superintendent Jay Arbaugh. "He was a terrific kid."

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