Amherst police first in Ohio to get thermal imaging camera thanks to donation from Amherst Eagles

NOPTIC lets Amherst police see in the dark

AMHERST, Ohio - Criminals beware. Amherst police can do something no other police department in Ohio can.

Amherst officers can now see in the dark. It's called the Nighttime Optical Thermal Imaging Camera or NOPTIC. Police put the camera into one of the department's Chevrolet Tahoes, which allows them to seek out suspects better at night.

Needless to say the technology is not cheap, but they were able to get it with the help of the Amherst Eagles.

"We feel it's for the safety of our community," said Bill Leazier, a trustee for the organization. "It wasn't donated to harass people."

"In the hands of trained patrol officers, the NOPTIC system will allow for greater efficiency at night and give that officer the ability to investigate suspicious circumstances that they normally (would) have just driven right by," said Chief Joseph Kucirek  in a news release.

The NOPTIC technology will also allow officers to see heat signatures of vehicles that recently stopped their engines, spent shell casings from firearms, help in the location of lost children, senior citizens and accident investigations.

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