Air Traffic Controller reacts to Malaysia flight 17 being shot down

Oberlin, OH - Anthony Mealy is a former air traffic controller and is pondering why the plane wasn’t diverted. “Normally if you have a line of thunderstorms, volcano eruptions, it becomes restricted airspace,” Mealy said, which is why he can’t understand why the plane went over the embattled area in the Ukraine.

Several agencies including the European Cockpit Association, said airlines were warned back in April not to travel over part of the Ukrainian airspace.

“That’s what surprised me that you would have a commercial airline flowing over this conflict area,” Mealy said.

This will be the third time a plane has gone down in this area between the Ukraine and Russia. On Monday, a cargo plane was shot down and on Wednesday a fighter jet was taken down.

The U.S. government confirms that the plane was shot out of the sky.

Mealy does not believe any anti-aircraft weapon has the radar capability to determine what kind of air craft they are firing at, which brings to light if whoever shot the missile knew it was a passenger jet.  

“[Their radar] wouldn’t tell them anything other than the aircraft was transgressing through the airspace,” Mealy said.

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