Avon's Al 'Bubba' Baker receives boost to boneless ribs business on ABC's 'Shark Tank'

Former Cleveland Brown pitches D-Boned product

AVON, Ohio - Feeling at home in the kitchen of his Avon restaurant, World Famous Bubba's Bar-b-q & Catering, former Cleveland Brown lineman Al "Bubba" Baker breathed a sigh of relief.

Baker pitched his successfully patented process to remove the bone from ribs, trademarked D-Boned, on ABC's Shark Tank Friday night.

Baker was actually given two offers, both licensing deals for the patented process he uses to make his ribs boneless.

He went with one from Daymond John for a $300,000 boost to his business.

"I was just myself. I just wanted to be myself and certainly not challenge the sharks," Baker said.

Baker's special boneless ribs launched nationwide on the Internet Friday night to coincide with the airing of the show.

Baker said his background was vetted by the show's producers "more thoroughly than the IRS or the Secret Service would have."

Since 2006, Baker had partnered with Heinen's to sell his patented boneless rib product and method. 17 northeast Ohio grocery stores have bought into the product so far.

Baker said he was ready to bring his tasty ribs to the next level. But he admitted to being very emotional and nervous to represent himself, his business, family and especially his adopted home, Cleveland.

"My pitch was two minutes and seven seconds," Baker said. "You've got two minutes and seven seconds to pitch to to five people who can potentially help you, to help your family, and your community...there's no stress there," he laughed.

If the "sharks" tasted the D-Boned ribs I bought today, someone needs to go all in on that investment.

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