Lorain woman buys car in August 2013, mechanics find 8 lbs of marijuana worth $12,000 in spare tire

LORAIN, Ohio - A woman found a surprise in the spare tire of a car she bought last August: eight pounds of pot.

The Lorain woman took the car to a shop to get a flat tire replaced. When a mechanic put the spare on the tire and test drove it, he noticed that it was making a noise as if something was inside the tire.

When they took the spare apart, they found eight pounds — $12,000 worth — of marijuana, police said.

"The employees were surprised when they took this out and realized what it was," said Lonnie Dillon, a detective with the Lorain County Sheriff's office.

Dillon said the car was built in Mexico and the placement of the drugs, "was done by someone who knew what they were doing."

At the time of our interview, Dillon said he had not had a chance to speak with the owner of the car, but she is not a suspect.

Reaction from people in Amherst was of shock. Many felt this type of news was something you would see in a movie, not real life.

"I can't believe this especially around the Amherst area," said a man who only gave us the first name of Gabriel.

"Well, it's a good thing she didn't get stopped and have the drug dogs come smell her car," said Alicia Cochran with a big smile.

Sheriff's deputies are investigating the shipment the vehicle came in on and said with this originating in Mexico it may be difficult to find out to whom the drugs belong.

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