Five more Lorain Co. drug arrests follow overdoses; bond set at $500,000 for Michael W. Taylor

2 suspects found at motel with 4-year-old daughter

ELYRIA, Ohio - Five more people have been arrested after a string of drug overdoses in Lorain County.

The Elyria Police Narcotics Unit and the Elyria Police Special Response Team executed two search warrants simultaneously Wednesday at about 7:20 p.m. at a home in the 600 block of Foster Avenue.

One of authorities' targets, Todd Barbee, was there but two others, Richard Burroughs and Hannah Barbee were not home.

Detectives found Richard Burroughs and Hannah Barbee's 4-year-old daughter at the Best Western Motel in the 600 block of Griswold Road, according to police.

They said Burroughs had a "substantial assortment" of narcotics and he was arrested, along with Todd Barbee.

The 4-year-old girl was released to her grandmother and children's services were notified.

Donald Cannon was taken into custody at his home in the 400 block of Jefferson Street, which was condemned as a result of unsanitary conditions, police said.

A third search warrant was executed at 217 Wolf Court, where Michael Taylor was arrested.

Juveniles were present at each location and weapons were found at two, according to police.

All of the suspects were taken to Lorain County Jail. Their charges are as follows:

- Richards Burroughs: Trafficking in Heroin, ORC 2925.03 F3, F1, Trafficking Schedule I(MDMA) F2, F1, Possession of Schedule II (Oxycodone) F3, Tampering with evidence, ORC 2923.24 F3, Possessing Criminal Tools, ORC 2921.12 F5, Possession of Cocaine, ORC 2925.11 F1 and having weapons under disability, 2923.13 F3.

- Hannah Barbee: 2 Counts of Permitting Drug Use, ORC 2925.13 F5 and Possession of Cocaine, ORC 2925.11 F1

- Todd Barbee: Possession of Cocaine, oRC 2925.11 F1

- Donald Cannon: Drug Paraphernalia, ORC 2925.14 M4, Possession of Marijuana, ORC 2925.11 MM, Possession of Sechedule III Suboxone, ORC 2925.11 F5, Possession of schedule II Methadone, ORC 2925.11 F5, Possession of Heroin, ORC 2925.11 F5, Possession of cocaine, ORC 2925.11 F5, Trafficking Heroin (Juvenile specification), ORC 2925.03 F4, Trafficking Cocaine (Juvenile Spec.) ORC 2925.03 F4, Trafficking Marijuana (Juvenile Spec.), ORC 2925.03 F4, Having weapons under a disability, ORC 2923.13 F3.

- Michael W. Taylor: Trafficking in schedule II Fentynol, (Juvenile Spec.) ORC 2925.03 F3, Possession of Schedule II Adderol F5, Possession of Schedule II Oxycodone F5.

Burroughs, as well as Hannah and Todd Barbee were not given bond. Cannon's was set at $200,000 and Taylor's at $500,000.

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