18-year-old horse jumps corral, missing in Lorain County

WELLINGTON, Ohio - Folks in Wellington are on the lookout for the newest addition to the DiCesare family.

An 18-year-old brown quarter horse named Bogey left its corral Monday around 1 p.m. on Hughes Road and is wandering the area around state Routes 58 and 20.

Joe and Rachel DiCesare brought Bogey to their home last Friday. They had been going to Wakeman with daughters Morgan and Maria for the girl's riding lessons.

The girls liked Bogey so much that the DiCesares decided to buy him. They installed a fenced area in their back yard and were building an enclosed stall for the horse.

Rachel said the older horse seemed calm and relaxed in their yard.

Monday afternoon, Joe was in the house and heard their dog, Duke, barking at something by the front window. When he went over to look outside, he saw the horse grazing in their front yard. He went out to get Bogey, but the horse ran off and disappeared in the woods down the road.

Rachel said she thinks that Bogey may have been startled by something and jumped the fence, where he was corralled.

Friends and family have been searching with the DiCesares' to find Bogey. Rachel said they have already contacted the Lorain Sheriff's Department, the State Highway Patrol, the Oberlin Police Department and the Wellington Police Department.

The family is asking that anyone seeing Bogey contact the local authorities.

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