Tweets about student crushes at Mentor High turn inappropriate, two Twitter accounts suspended

MENTOR, Ohio - Some students at Mentor High School were using Twitter to tell the world about their high school crushes.

The account @mentorhighcrush started innocent enough but soon turned inappropriate. That's when the school district had it shut down. Within hours, @mentorcrushes2 popped up, only to be shut down when inappropriate tweets popped up.

Superintendent Matthew Miller was too busy to speak with NewsChannel5 on Wednesday. But spokesperson Kristen Kirby said most kids make good choices about social media.

In fact, Kirby said, it was students who brought the tweets to the attention of the administration.

"We don't know who the students are or we would take disciplinary action," added Kirby.

Kirby mentioned students have since created a third account, @Happy_Cardinals , to promote positive messages.

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