Police say driver of truck who pulled in front of Willoughby officer in fatal crash had a BAC of .14

Case going to Lake County grand jury Friday

WILLOUGHBY, Ohio - Willoughby's law director and police chief said Wednesday that  toxicology tests reveal the driver of a pickup truck who pulled in front of officer Jason Gresko had a blood alcohol level of .14.

Officer Gresko was responding to a call Sept. 21 when dash cam video appeared to show a pickup truck driver pulled in front of the path of Gresko's patrol car.

The officer swerved, striking a tree. Officer Gresko was killed in the crash.

The driver of the pickup has not been charged. Results of the investigation will be presented to a Lake County grand jury Friday.

The grand jury will decide if felony charges should be filed.

A source told NewsChannel5 the driver of the pickup was dropping off a friend of one of his children and was looking for an address while attempting to pull into the driveway.

Officer Gresko was driving on Harmony Lane with his patrol car lights and flashers on, but no siren was activated.

Willoughby's Police Chief Jack Beckwith said there is no policy that says an officer has to have a siren on if the flashers are on and that it's up to the officer's discretion.

Officer Gresko was 32 years old and was also a Cleveland Clinic police officer.

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