Perry Local Schools teacher sedated after car was hit by rock thrown from overpass

Daughter speaks exclusively with NewsChannel5

A Perry Local Schools teacher is still in critical condition Wednesday after police say two teenagers threw a rock from an overpass at her car on Interstate 80 in Pennsylvania July 10.

Sharon Budd was driving through Union County with her family when the two boys threw a volleyball-sized rock at the family car.

Budd's daughter, Kaylee, was driving the car. Sharon was in the passenger seat. Randy Budd, Sharon's husband and Kaylee's dad, was in the back. It was dark. They passed under an overpass on I-80.

Seconds later, Kaylee said it felt like a bomb had exploded in their car. She pulled off the road, turned off the car and the interior lights came on. That's when she and her father noticed her mom's face--it was a mangled mess. 

A rock, weighing about eight pounds, had smashed through the windshield, hitting Sharon in the face. 

"I thought she was going to pass away right in front of me," said Kaylee Budd as she sobbed. "We're getting excited about small things, like her wiggling her toes."

The Stark County family was headed to New York for a family vacation. 

"They hurt a completely innocent woman who loves life," Kaylee said.

Sharon Budd remains in critical condition in Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, Pennsylvania.

You can help raise money for Budd's medical expenses through two fundraisers.

  • OUR Turn to Support Sharon fundraiser on So far, more than $14,000 has been raised. Click here to donate.
  • Support Sharon Budd on More than $9,000 has been raised for Sharon. Click here to donate.
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