Nude man on drugs screams at drivers, foams at mouth, Willowick police say

WILLOWICK, Ohio - A naked man on drugs was arrested in the middle of a Willowick intersection on Thursday, police say.

An officer was near the area of Vine Street and Willowick Drive when he spotted the man, who was nude and screaming at drivers, according to the police report.

"I got out of my patrol car and immediately observed the male in such a crazed manner that he was not able to rationally make any statement. The male was yelling and screaming in such a manner that it was evident that he was a threat to himself and to others around," the officer wrote in the report.

The man started running down the street and was eventually right outside the officer's patrol car. Police said he refused to get down on the ground and would not follow instructions.

After several warnings, the officer used his Taser on the man. The Taser prongs went into the man's chest, but apparently malfunctioned because the naked man was able to stand up, police said.

By the time the officer got him into his police car, the man was foaming at the mouth. He was taken to the hospital, where doctors said he was not only on drugs, but he is mentally ill.

The man's mother told police that she knew her son smoked marijuana and ordered some other drugs over the internet, possibly K-2 or Spice. The man's clothing and belongings were found on the sidewalk near C Pearson Trophy & Sales and returned to him.

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