Man crashes dirt bike during deer harvesting in Mentor park

Man crashes during deer harvest

MENTOR, Ohio - A man riding on a dirt bike crashed in a Mentor park while police officers were culling deer on Thursday.

This week, Mentor officials employed the help of SWAT members to control the ever-growing deer population. Police sharpshooters are using rifles from tree stands to harvest deer to prevent the high number of deer-and-car crashes, Mentor Police Chief Kevin Knight said.

Deer culling was going on in Morton Park when a Mentor man rode his dirt bike into the closed-off area, police said. They stopped shooting deer while the man fled from officers into a wooded area. That's where he crashed.

An officer on an ATV found the 36-year-old man pinned under his bike, Mentor police said. He was taken to an area hospital with non life-threatening injuries. He will face charges once he's released.

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